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Analysing and inspecting mid-term financial reports.

The “AUDITOR” Partnership specialises in analysing single and consolidated financial reports which follow the Polish accountancy regulations as well as the International Accounting Standards. Analyses are carried out by expert auditors according to the up-to-date standards and with the use of modern methods and techniques supported by broad experience. As a result, an audit takes relatively short time without an excessive engagement of the clients, and it is professional, careful and complete regarding the client’s interest.

Preparing legal evaluations and economic analyses.

Financial and economic expertise and analyses offered by the “AUDITOR” Partnership are based on the information included in the accounting books and financial reports of the clients. They aim at delivering information necessary for decision-making. Financial analysis is mainly based on:

  • comparative analysis, the aim of which is to compare the amount of data analysed in the last few years;
  • structure analysis, which is used to define the interrelations of the analysed elements as well as to present them as percentage share in the aggregated value;
  • indicator analysis, which means defining the relations between the individual values and presenting them in a numerical form.

Keeping company accounts and books of incomes and expenditures.

This section of our activity includes:

  • bookkeeping according to the rules in force,
  • keeping the evidence of fixed assets as well as non-material and legal values,
  • making amortization plans,
  • keeping record for VAT accounting,
  • current reporting on the company activity,
  • external reporting for GUS (Central Statistical Office) and banks,
  • financial annual reporting at the end of the turnover year and the accounting closing day,
  • cooperating with the expert auditor working on financial report,
  • completing tax forms,
  • keeping current contacts with Internal Revenues,
  • explaining tax issues connected with the bookkeeping and giving oral explanations on a given bookkeeping period,
  • counseling connected with the economic activity undertaken by the client.

Supervising accounts.

This section of our activity includes:

  • controlling books in terms of their conformity with the accepted accounting policy,
  • verifying the company Bank Account Scheme,
  • controlling accounting documentation in formal and accounting terms,
  • controlling decreeing,
  • periodical controlling of making tax returns, declarations and information as well as balance and statistical information,
  • supervising making tax returns,
  • aiding making financial report for company mergers, divisions, bankruptcies and liquidations,
  • opening books concordant with the accounting bill,
  • opening bookkeeping in the accountancy software,
  • training workers of financial and accounting departments.

Preparing accountancy policy.

This section of our activity includes:

  • preparing lists of synthetic and analytical bank accounts adjusted to the specificity of the economic activity of the client as well as their individual needs,
  • introducing rules for classification of economic events,
  • creating rules for keeping analytical evidence and its connections with synthetic accounts,
  • creating rules for valuing assets and liabilities,
  • creating rules for detailed recording of property elements,
  • creating rules for recording, accounting and calculating costs in accordance with the current accounting bill,
  • calculating the balance of profit and loss concordant with the undertaken economic activity,
  • adjusting the existing accounting policy to the changes in accountancy and the changes in the company’s profile as well as other requirements in financial reporting.

Counselling about and controlling tax payments.

As both tax and economic law change quickly, undertaking wrong decisions in terms of introducing this law is risky. Thus, to meet the clients’ needs, we offer a unique service when studying financial reports, i.e. controlling VAT liabilities, income tax, excise tax as well as property tax. The control is carried out by professional tax advisors who cooperate with the expert auditor. As a result, a separate tax opinion is produced for the needs of the examined company.

Inspecting accounts and financial reports.

“AUDITOR” Partnership offers checking up books and a financial report. The aim is to find out whether the inspected company should undergo changes and to present its financial situation clearly and reliably. Inspection of books and financial report is usually prepared for the other period than turnover year, or for the other day than the balance day. As a result, the report is forwarded to the managing unit or supervising body. In the report the professional auditor points out any incorrectness found. In other case, the auditor states the inspection has not shown anything what would falsify the financial situation reported. The report conclusions will comply with the rules included in the bill on accounting as well as other rules on financial reports which are in force.

Organizing and computerizing accountancy.

Counselling in terms of organisation and computerising accountancy includes:

  • analysing the way the accountancy department is organised and projecting changes,
  • counselling in terms of selection of software for finance and accounting,
  • analysing software in terms of their usefulness.

Moreover, we offer opinion on software introduced onto the market for accountancy in terms of its concordance with the bill on accounting, tax rules and general usefulness for a given client.

Auditing EU projects.

“AUDITOR” Partnership audits projects financed by the European Union. Such audits aim at inspecting the way the EU support is being managed and spent, especially in terms of the expenses. As a result, the auditor issues an opinion in a form of a financial report for the European Commission.

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